Why Crux

Crux…a crucial, vital, or decisive point.

Crux Consulting Inc. was founded to make an impact at those decisive points in your business. My approach and resulting benefits to you are:

First: My passion is digging in and presenting a clear understanding of ‘what is’.

Approach: I will objectively identify what is going on in your business now, both what is working and what we can make work dramatically better. Together we will agree on the objective.

Benefits: You get clarity and a fresh perspective.

Second: After we have identified and agreed on the objective, I will work with you to create an effective plan that you can be confident will address the crux of the issue.

Approach: Our action plan, or strategy, is tailored for your business objective and is built on actionable recommendations. Every plan is unique to you and your company culture.

Benefits: You obtain a deeper understanding of the underlying issue(s) and an action plan to move you towards accomplishing your objective.

Third: I will stay for the execution

Approach: A strategy by itself does not create the success and growth you need. Even if all agree that it is a fantastic plan, a plan is just a plan, that is, until we execute.

Benefits: You get your plan put into action and turned into real results your company can sustain.

Crux Consulting Inc. is here to make your business more profitable by being more effective … achieve more of what really matters with less time and money. Together, let’s redefine what is crucial to the success of your business, plan for that success, and celebrate together when you achieve it.

That is the ‘point’. That is Crux Consulting Inc.